Profile & History

Profile & History

Welcome to Sopityo Civil Engineering

Our organisation is spearheaded by a dedicated team with a wealth of skills and expertise in the following markets:

Our Strategy

Using local hotspots and local authorities to recruit personnel on a contract basis.
Educating contracted employees on the various tasks they are contracted for.
Remunerating emloyees in accordance with recommended legal stipulations.
Ensuring training in the form of mentoring or shadowing to ensure transfer of skills.
Introducing labour regulations and best practices to ensure quality workmanship coupled with a motivated and informed workforce.
Implementation of a 'no compromise' safety initiative ensuring safety regulations are met at all times.

Company Background

Established in 2007, Sopityo is a family run entity, consisting of a group of performance enhanced and motivated individuals.

We focuse on civil engineering, electrical engineering, building and electrical construction as well as project management.

The ever increasing drive to be inclusive and participate in the empowerment drive is evident in the composition of the executive team, in terms of both men and women. Sopityo employs a considerable percentage of previously disadvantaged individuals so as to empower unemployed and qualified persons to obtain experience, skills transfer and jobs.

Registered Name:         Sopityo Civil Engineering Pty Ltd
Company registration number:    2007/253961/23
Tax Registration Number   9129816162 
Vat Number:    4190255333
BBBEE Rating   Level 3
BBBEE Registration No:   HR/QSE/553/12
CIDB:   CRS 158982
Classes of Works:   5EPPE, 1CEPE, 1GBPE


Physical Address:
48 Stella Avenue
Stella Warehouse
Crown Mines

Tel: +27 (0) 11 656 3474/5/6/7

  • To create economic growth and employment within local communities.
  • To transfer skills in order to sustain and encourage the spirit of innovation and leadership
  • To promote quality service delivery.
  • To establish and maintain a good working relationship with local, provincial and national government and the private sector.
Core Services:
  • Electrical construction
  • Street lights construction & maintenance
  • Fault finding & maintenance on LV & MV cable
  • High mast maintenance & Installation
  • MV & LV Reticulation & Installation
  • Cable Jointing & Termination
  • MV & LV Service connection